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Re: Would it be possible to "port" Doom to RoTT?
Heh, actually, I've never realized I have some quite peculiar associations with particular games, but turns out my mind does go as follows:

Doom mod for Wolfenstein 3-D? Cool.
ROTT remake on the Doom engine? Cool.
Doom mod for ROTT? Weird.

But of course, somewhere deep in my mind there's also a thought that you could do any of the above games using the Build engine

On another note (speaking of the secret Wolf 3-D levels in Doom II, I've always thought that it could've been quite nice for Duke Nukem 3D to have secret levels that are tribute to either ROTT or Blake Stone. I'm sure a Blake Stone level recreation with Pig Cops instead of "Rent-a-Cop" security guards wouldn't be out of place

Oh, and I also would like to stress that even though I've used the phrase "less advanced engine" in a previous post when referring to a possible Doom to ROTT TC, I do not actually view the ROTT engine as less advanced, it's just different, and because of that some things that you can do with id Tech 1 cannot be replicated in ROTT. For example, levels that have both indoor and outdoor areas, although indoor areas can be "simulated" on an outdoor map with either very high walls so that the ceiling (or rather, its absence) is never in the player's view, or with the catwalks, although I think they also have some placement limitations (I don't remember catwalks that would be more than one tile wide, although I'm not 100% sure on this).

BTW, another random thought: do you know if the engine used in ShadowCaster is the same thing as the ROTT engine, or is it different? I remember there's stuff like underwater areas with a similar principle as in Duke Nukem 3D, and it generally feels pretty advanced for its time.
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