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Re: Need help with Return Of The Triad
Originally Posted by MagusElOscuro View Post
Doombuilder lets you do it, but in El Zee's words, he also used Slade 3 to develop the TC; so that's the reason I asked if Slade 3 will let me make my custom maps with stuff provided by the TC.
I can use Doombuilder, but I need to install dotnetfx3setup to use it; and in case I can't, I would not be able to use Doombuilder; and as Slade seems to work without any update, I asked if I can use it instead.
I know I cannot build Doom maps (I mean, Doom characters, tiles, etc), but what I want is to built maps for the TC using that provided ROTT stuff.
Have you understood now?
Thanks for answering and help, and see you soon, mate.
1. If El Zee doing his TC with Slade 3, then it's OK to use it to do your custom things for the ROTT TC. Just using the ROTT TC's PK3 file as the resource file when you want to do maps for it.

2. I'm not means DooM maps and its resources, I means the ZDooM engine, ROTT TC uses its format and it still a DooM engine game/mod but needed the ZDooM port for running it. But you may still needed learn some basic skills for editing on DooM/ZDooM engine.
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