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Re: Promotional Deals and Offers

Microsoft offers Windows 7 professional to students (anyone with a .edu email) for $29.95

and you can get both the 32bit and 64bit versions as seperate "Clean" install disks in .iso as a download. You also get the key.

an additional $13 each for the disks by mail.

I just purchased both, came to about $86 with the pretty holograph disks by mail.

Also available for students is MS Office 2010 for $79.95, and MS Office 2007 for $59.95 with a valid .edu email.

If you are taking computer studies at your school, see if your school is enrolled with elms, it has many MS programs for free, including all the operating systems. I have a couple dozen free disks from our elms site including full install disks for all the operating systems exept 9x
They even have MS-DOS 6.22
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