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Exclamation Re: the lack of free software in specialized areas
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1. Are antivirus programs, graphics software and games hard to develop in general? (I don't know that much about software development, so I don't really have the answer to this one.)
The Gimp's problem is that it's not naturally intuitive to most people. I don't think that's ever going to be fixed.

Anti-virus programs are pointless on non-Windows operating systems. Open source development is still focused around Unix.

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2. Are people less willing to contribute to free software projects? (I'd say "yes" because folks are motivated by money.)
The most important open source projects have corporate sponsorship. Very few people contribute anything for free.

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3. Will free software ever catch up to commercial software in all aspects? (I think the answer is also yes; however, it will be a very long time. I'd imagine that an automated software development system would be a great benefit to the free software community once we advance to that level in AI research.)
Automated software development is a fallacious quest. Programming is already just listing tasks. Simpler methodologies just turn out to be limiting or ultimately more difficult.

There are some world-leading open source projects: Linux, GNU, Darwin, FFMPEG, VirtualBox, Asterisk, FontForge, Cinelerra, Inkscape, ViM, Eclipse, FileZilla, Firefox, WebKit, GCC, X11, Apache httpd, LaTeX, CUPS, GhostScript, DOSBox, and so on.

Then there are the many PHP systems which have massive install bases, like Joomla and Wordpress. Which are rubbish. Thing is, no-one's written anything better. Certainly not commercially.
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