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Re: the lack of free software in specialized areas
Well, we also know that Blender has become easier to use, and it's pretty darn close to their Autodesk counterparts (Maya, 3ds Max), so I see this becoming more popular as the years go by. I really can't get over just how impressed I was with the interface improvements in 2.5 over previous versions. It's gotten the attention of those in the professional 3D modeling industry, and equal respect all around. Hence, I'm proud to be wearing their logo in my avatar as a result of how far Ton Roosendaal and company have come.

I mean, let's face it, it would cost anywhere from $500 - $10,000 for a good 3D modeling package ($500 being for Carrara 8 Pro, $10K being for Houdini Escape, and your Autodesk licenses being around $4K with the license and subscription). So let's face it, Blender is certainly become a popular option because of this. The only time I ever used Maya was when Alias had it as a PLE, and since Autodesk swallowed up Alias, and kissed the personal edition of Maya good bye, that's when Blender took over as the next big package for the hobbyist, and being open source allowed contributors to bring Blender to around the same level of features and ease of use as Maya (hell, you have a Maya preset in 2.5 for crying out loud!).
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