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Re: Making a Game Engine
Originally Posted by creekist View Post
Say one wanted to make a game engine, like a doom game engine, the whole game being no larger than 13 megabytes.

How long would that take? Just one person writing it.

Also how much effort would it take? On a scale of 1 to 10.

Is it similar to writing a book? Because with book writing some authors take several years, but everyone knows you can write a long ass (pretty good) book in about a month or two. Or will writing a game engine basically just take 2 or 3 years?

I really would like to get started on this soon, I only have a very rudimentary knowledge of C++, having learned it only for a few weeks, but I know a bit of Perl and Python and have noticed that they are sort of similar.

Besides writing C++ code what else would I have to do? (something about directx, opengl, sdl) Is it possible to write the whole thing purely in C++?

Keep in mind I'm not computer savvy, so simple answers would help.

Seeing as though you know next to nothing, making a new game engine would be all but impossible and time consuming. Even if you knew what you were doing designing a game engine from the ground up is extremely time consuming and difficult...

If you want to have an even somewhat manageable solo project (still expect to work on your game for 1+ years) you should design a game based on a free/open source engine.
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