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Re: Making a Game Engine
Is kind of like asking for Cliff Notes to flying a fighter jet in my opinion.
Think of it like this maybe... Ken Silverman who wrote Duke Nukem 3D's "Build" engine spent 3 grueling years doing it and he had already written/developed an entire 3D game before. (Kens Labyrinth)
It would be best to look at the source code for Kens Labyrinth, Wolfenstein 3D, and DooM ("simple" stuff) and see what you are up against.

I was given some code for a 3D Engine once between Wolf and DooM basically and I was amazed at its complexity... because it was so "simple" When I look at the code from these programs I always wonder how much it evolved. I can imagine a dozen ways programs can do tasks, but I have to admit, I doubt most people could have come up with engines that work as efficient as these.
That is part of why there are not that many engines out there.

I think you should try it just to learn something though.

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