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Re: Making a Game Engine
As a school project this year I wrote a (very, very) amateuristic, rudimentary and crappy "engine" for a little 2D game. While it worked, the structure was not modular at all and just sloppy and... well, crappy. But, it did teach me a few things about how one could possibly structure a game, things to avoid and some basic things about DirectX rendering.

Long story short: if you really want to get how to write things like this you first need better knowledge of the language you're gonna work in (I wrote that thing I mentioned in C#) and once you're confident enough I'd say start off with a more simple 2D project (1 extra dimension might not seem like much but it complicates matters quite a bit). Even for a 2D game... you do need at least some knowledge of how to work with data more efficiently. If you're not computer savvy or indeed savvy of the language at all I'd say you need to study that for some more time first.

What ICR mentioned could help you what actual game DESIGN is concerned but as far as I understand learning how to design a game is not quite your objective.

edit: also keep in mind there are things like XNA for C# which supposedly help in creating games. I haven't worked with it yet but I'm fairly certain that even with XNA you need to have a clue on what you're doing.
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