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Re: the lack of free software in specialized areas
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Despite people making fun of Apple for claiming that there aren't any Mac viruses, there aren't really any Mac viruses. The major ones are trojans which require you to install (!) them manually, providing your sudo credentials. OSX has ~10% share, but not 10% of viruses. It's an infinitesimally small fraction of a percent, and we have to include trojans.

There are so many different variants of Linux that there's little to no chance of success attacking desktop users. Most exploits targeting Linux boxes are looking for flaws in poorly written PHP software, and the like. They're bots, and they're out of the purview of an anti-virus program.

Even on Windows, most viruses are just trojans. You've got them from running pirated software and key generators.

ClamAV's goal is to detect Windows viruses that might be stored on a Samba share or email inbox. There's little reason for a Linux/Unix user to use it for their own benefit.
Mac's get virus's.

Most virus's require you to install them regardless of OS.

The issue is Apple's lower market share. As Apple's market share continues to grow it will become a target for more and more virus writers.
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