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Re: the lack of free software in specialized areas
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Then it's not a virus, in the traditional sense. The idea of viruses is that they should self-execute and self-replicate (like a biological virus, hence the name). What you're referring to is a trojan. Trojans are not an operating system exploit, because the act of installing them gives them full system privileges anyway, so any monkey can write a trojan for any system without a lot of effort.
Let's just talk about malware in general then. It still needs administrative rights to install itself on the OS. Whether user installed it or it gained entrance through exploit and/or weak password.

And I think that if antivirus programs are pointless in Mac environment then they are pointless in Win also. Because most of the malware won't have a chance if you are install security updates and don't use administrative account as a default one while working.

The market share argument isn't convincing, because it says that basically no-one will care about targeting your platform until you have a critical number of users - which needs more thorough explanation. It's not close to being axiomatic.
Because there is no point in having botnet on Mac if you can have it on Windows.
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