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Re: The Windows 8 Thread
Originally Posted by ZuljinRaynor View Post
Haha, this is total bullshit.

I've been using Windows 8 since it's been out and the only issue I had was with my GPS not having drivers that work in Windows 8.
Oh yea, it's BS all right...
By the way, (since you're the expert with all those older programs working so well) how's quick time working for you in Windows 8?

I like this tech support answer regarding a one year old game, and the fact that loading some games off DVD results in not having the necessary compatibility tag.
It's not an uncommon problem regarding the install disks no longer working for games.

Hi Alan,

Thank you for choosing Windows 8 and for providing us an opportunity to assist you.

You have mentioned that you are unable to play “The Book of Unwritten tales” and you don’t get even the compatibility tag in the file properties. In this case, the game might not be compatible with Windows 8, and I would suggest you to contact the game support
Did you know Radeon X-series cards seem to be completely incompatible? Seems silly that an old workhorse X1950 won't work at all....
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