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Re: The Windows 8 Thread
Originally Posted by KO Gilligan View Post
Oh yea, it's BS all right...
By the way, (since you're the expert with all those older programs working so well) how's quick time working for you in Windows 8?
What about Quicktime? I'm using an older version of Quick Time Lite and I can play .MOV files.

Originally Posted by KO Gilligan View Post
So were you able to play everything before in Windows 7? How about XP? How about even 2000?

Your post said that Windows 8 doesn't work with programs we love. As if it was the first to not work. That's what I took offense to. Did all your previous OSs work 100% with your old software? I couldn't play MGS2 PC on Windows 7 but I could on XP. I couldn't play DOS games in Windows 2000. Hell, I can't play Starcraft or Diablo without killing Explorer.exe. I had to do the same thing in Windows 7.

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