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Re: The Windows 8 Thread
Originally Posted by ZuljinRaynor View Post
What about Quicktime? I'm using an older version of Quick Time Lite and I can play .MOV files.

So were you able to play everything before in Windows 7? How about XP? How about even 2000?

Your post said that Windows 8 doesn't work with programs we love. As if it was the first to not work. That's what I took offense to. Did all your previous OSs work 100% with your old software? I couldn't play MGS2 PC on Windows 7 but I could on XP. I couldn't play DOS games in Windows 2000. Hell, I can't play Starcraft or Diablo without killing Explorer.exe. I had to do the same thing in Windows 7.

Well, no offense taken, the compatability issue is to be expected... I certainly expected it to be bad. I then thought I was doing well... then I realized it's still pretty bad. It's certainly not BS - like you can take all your old favorites that worked in Win7 and if they do good in 7 they'll run in 8. That's pretty sad, because Windows 7 is absolutely current.

... and for the record - I personally didn't expect Windows 2000 to be compatible with anything in the "fun" category

We tend to base these things on our own experiences. I even said that I thought the compatibility was good. I was loading my games, and my usual productivity tools, and things went well. I don't plan on using my x1300 or x1950 cards on Windows 8, so it never came up. AMD is not going to be fixing this problem. Perhaps this is there fault, but it is a significant upset. While the Radeon X line went out of production long ago, they continue to sell them everywhere, side box compatability recommendations made mention of those cards only maybe 2 years ago... and many of us expect them to still be considered in the mainstream. I love the way the old X cards run all the new flavors of Linux.

As people are now online talking about compatability, we see that those windows programs which didn't work in Vista/7 work no better, despite MS claims of better compatability - MS is talking about compatability with the new Windows 7 stuff. Screw them, and the fact that even some new, designed for Windows 7, stuff doesn't run is ridiculous.

I have lots of older Windows games that run fine in Vista and Windows 7, that won't load, or after a long time fussing, and setting compatibility, and checking for missing .dlls you can get the game to install, but it opens the game or program, then closes it. No errors or lock-ups, usually its something vary hard to diagnose or debug, and the programs just close undramatically.

Then there's the Quick time programs. I was wondering why you say you are using a "lite" version, but also you said you've had no issues. The fact is you can get alternative quick time players to run, and perhaps even an old version from Apple. But you won't get a good full version of Quick time to work - and when I say that, I'm talking about Quick time games. It's over for all my sons favorite games in Windows 8. Those were the ones that run. Of the old Windows games that wouldn't load in Vista/7, at least the Quick time games worked great.

Then there's this veil of "support" for compatibility. Microsoft has learned that you don't need real compatability, you just need to include compatability assistant type tools, and lots of (moderated) Web support stuff to help people. This way we can all waste our time fussing and messing with a compatibility issue until we go away, and the resulting perculation of disgruntled customers will soften the blow when we take to the internet with our troublesome experiences.
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