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Re: Doom 4 Thread Part 2
Originally Posted by Eurogamer | QuakeCon 2008 | 01.08.2008
As for Doom 4, that's all they're saying, although id Software CEO Todd Hollenshead helpfully revealed that it will have blood and demons during yesterday's QuakeCon keynote address, where Carmack also revealed that it would be locked at 30 frames-per-second on console and that the PC hardware in place when it comes out would hopefully be able to take it to 60Hz.
Originally Posted by Eurogamer | QuakeCon 2008 | 01.08.2008
Carmack later said clarified his comments, adding that the PC would have advanced so much by the time Doom 4 comes out that while the game will be 30fps locked on console, it could be 60fps or higher on PC, so "PC will be able to crow a bit over the consoles again".
Originally Posted by John Carmack | GameSpy | 01.08.2008
with the DOOM project all the consoles there will be 30Hz and the high end PCs will still be 60 which will be pretty cool.
Originally Posted by John Carmack | Maximum PC | 05.08.2008
With the Doom project itíll be a case where weíre going to be throwing a whole lot more through the same pipe so the consoles will be down to 30Hz, but the high end PC s will be up at 60hz and thatíll be a case where the PCs will have a clear advantage over then the console generation because by that time itíll be 10x faster on the high end.
Hope that helps.
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