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Cool Re: Balls of Steel problems
Sounds like a great post Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work for me...
  • I've the original retail release of BOS - V1.0 CD
  • Patched it to V1.3 using the download (bos13rp.exe). This has an MD5 of:
  • Downloaded the unofficial patch (BallsOfSteel13c.exe). This has an MD5 of:
Attempting to run the unofficial patch, after choosing my game install directory, I get an error stating that barbarin.ddp is an 'unknown version'.

The MD5 for barbarin.ddp is: C75247980ABF5CF049E1A8A3FB365EDC. File size: 666 KB (682,496 bytes), Last Modified: 21 March 2001, 10:39:26

I've attached a file monitoring log in case this may provide any clues.

My system is WixXP SP2 with latest updates with English (UK) regional settings. Please ask if you need any other information!
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