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Re: Post Pictures of your Apogee/3DRealms Collection!
Originally Posted by MrBlackCat View Post
That is an awesome collection... I am guessing you have played these games since the days they were released, Yes?

Interesting you state owning legal multiple copies of your games. I started doing the same when network games began. If I ran Duke 3D on 4 machines networked, I bought 4 retail versions. I have multiples of every game I have ever set up to run on my LAN. Yep... from 4 to 8 copies of Heretic, HeXen, Quake, and more than a dozen others.

I saved this list as it is the most complete I have ever seen. Thank you for posting it. Pictures would be great if you are able in the future.

I have most of the games right here with me now. I've been playing Apogee games since I was five, and I'm almost 23 now.

I did actually purchase some games twice because I thought I'd lost/damaged the original CD. Granted, the second time I purchase them, they're usually a LOT cheaper and I usually end up finding the original in a box years later, but still.

Apogee/3DR is a company that pretty much accompanied me from childhood to present day. I'm not waxing fanboyetic or anything, but as I grew more mature, so too did the company's games. I was a bit mature for my age - my parents let me play games like Wolfenstein and Duke Nukem 3-D because they knew I wasn't going to try to emulate the violence therein. Heck, my dad woke me up one day while I was 7 telling me that he'd just killed General Fettgesicht in Wolf 3-D. So, unlike all the other things that I liked in childhood but soon grew away from, Apogee/3DR has pretty much remained constant.
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