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Re: Balls of Steel problems
I've never dealt with virtual machines at all, so you know more than I do.

In the past, I've had slow/fast issues that were traceable to graphics drivers and/or refresh rates. The last time I had a problem (extreme lag) it was fixed by the unofficial patch mentioned in this thread.

How much stuff do you have installed in your virtual machine? How easy is it to back up and restore?

Is it possible to run two copies of Windows XP at the same time (set up a second virtual machine)? Depending on the XP license, you would have 3 to 30 days to activate. If that fixes the problem, then upgrading the VM software may have been the PC equivalent of swapping a mainboard or sticking a hard drive in a new computer, which usually tends to end up badly.

If it's not possible to run two VMs of XP simultaneously, how difficult would it be to back up the existing VM, wipe it, reinstall XP for troubleshooting purposes, and then either reinstall all software (if reinstalling XP fixed the problem) or restore the backup (if you still have the problem)?
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