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Re: Take Two Sues 3D Realms :O
What would really be balls is if T2 plotted this along by denying 3dr the supposed 5 million they asked for. Of course if any of this is what's really happening.

Originally Posted by v.o View Post
im ******* angry, i have 3D skills, and im ******* angry on 3DR, and They and some users hate me for it! so Apogee or 3DR woult never take eny work from my, even for free. They dont want me to work for them, free or paid.

SO : i will make a Duke Nukem Forever Total Convertion using the Cryengine. I will Use All the Leaked Data (map, Plot, Storyboard,) all screenshots,video, and some Closeups for making Textures and 3Dmodells. And i will Release it withinvfew Months.
And see where that lands you. Stealing is bad mmmkay?

And just when you started typing better, you go back to this nonsense.
'F*** Fresch!!!'.
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