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Yingyang Re: Shadow Warrior Re-texturing Project
Here's a few textures I've been working on. First a few select notes:

NUDITY WARNING. In staying true to the original, the tiny pixelated nudity has been maintained with somewhat more detailed pixelated nudity. The model used is the lovely Maria Ozawa. Image was chosen based on similarity of pose and ethnicity - which were then completely decimated by reducing the size by a factor of ten. Only the preview thumbnail is censored, the actual texture is not.

Conveyor belt texture.

2351 & 2372
These two aren't used anywhere in the game but they were a snap to make so I went ahead and did them anyway.

Used for the bullet train's headlight in Sepukku Station. This one could really use a glowmap. The original texture is round but gets squashed in-game, so I made the replacement ovular to counteract that. Since it's only used once in the game, and I think it makes it look nicer, I don't think that should be a problem.

This is used for the light bloom around the street lamp at the start of Unfriendly Skies.

Always ends up right in your face every time you play Sepukku Station so it has always stuck out to me like a sore thumb. The dark gray looks pretty cruddy with texture compression enabled.

Sepukku Station RC car antenna. Also goes on top of 5059

This one's not really mine, though I did edit it somewhat. The original version is actually the same texture as tile# 1203 in Duke Nukem 3D so I just nabbed the Duke HRP replacement and edited it slightly for use in SW.

This one is quite large at 1024x1024 but at that size it blends perfectly with 0256. Even right in front of it you it's hard to see where 0256 ends and this one begins.


Sorry, Marked. I didn't mean to do ones which you already made but I had actually done those about a month ago. I was just waiting until I had finished a bunch of texture before posting them. With the future of the 3D Realms forums in doubt I figured I should post these while I still could.
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