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Re: My Glorious Rebuild
Originally Posted by Nukkus View Post
Well pardon me, but everywhere i posted, I've had people crap all over my build because I didn't use the latest parts, or go 4k, or crap like that. I built it the way I wanted to, for 1080P gaming, and it runs effing good, thank you very much. Also faster ram would give me maybe what, 3% more performance? Not to mention this is THE best i5 for gaming.
It doesn't matter what other people think. If you're happy with your build... then that's it. It's your build, your PC. For lack of a better phrase, "F*** everyone else's opinion".

Personally, when I rebuilt... I got told that my PC would be great if I had went with an SLI setup.
To which I respond with... 'Piss off'. SLI is a waste of money, PSU energy... pointless added heat to my PC. Also, I agree, 4K is not worth it.
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