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Re: Bite Me! Music Inspired by Prey
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anyone know where i can find this?
It would appear that it's no longer sold at DirectSong. I never say it any ware else unfortunately.
Heck, I went into my previous purchases, and there had it listed without the album picture. I downloaded it again as of a few minutes ago, and when I tried to play one of the songs I got a DRM message saying the fallowing : "Please go to and download the latest version of your DirectSong soundtrack."
I went ahead and tried to play my original download and I get the same message!
In other words, I don't have access to that I paid for!

Fortunately, I am against DRM stuff, and the first thing I did was burn a copy of the album to CD< and rip it back to WMA for "archival" purposes. The I re-encoded it to MP3 for my MP3 player and I am still all good. I have not, and will not distribute it, but if I didn't effectively strip the DRM, I would have lost my LEGALLY purchased music!
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