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Re: 50% Discount on the 3D Realms Anthology! Updated to version 1.1. Paypal support!
Originally Posted by Detinator73 View Post
Where is the 50% discount? All I see is that the 3D Realms Anthology is at $19.99 today.
Hmm... are you serious? (thoughts to self... am I responding to a troll post?)
Originally Posted by Detinator73
The last time that it launched, it was at $19.99 - and the regular price is $39.99? I am so confused. I think if it was really 50% off on Black Friday, it should have been $9.99 (or $10).
You are answering each of your own questions as you post, so I am not seeing any confusion until the last sentence... 50% of $39.99 is roughly $19.99. So, 75% off of $39.99 would be your stated $9.99.

Here is how it went...

At launch it was half price (of $39.99) for 48 hours... $19.99. Then it switched back to the regular price of $39.99.
The Black Friday special is half price, not quarter price. Nothing to be confused about. $9.99 would be half price of half price. How simple is that? I am confused how you can be so confused.

I think if it was $10, it would be more like a Charity Event, not a Black Friday Sale. EVEN at $19.99 this is only 63 cents per game... if you don't like/want half of them they are still only $1.26 per game. I think it is a great deal personally. I already have most of them anyway, but the convenient interface and a way to support Fred and Company a little JUST to see what might happen with 3D Realms in the future, was enough for me.

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