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Re: 3D Realms Office History Part II
Originally Posted by shmargin View Post
This picture from the article:

I dont know what was actually going on there, but I won the Camera Captioning Contest for this picture. I believe my entry was somewhere along the lines of "OH MY GOD! Screams of horror can be heard as [Name of Guy Here] demonstrates how the strippers should dance in Duke Nukem Forever."
I remember that. Was pretty funny.

Originally Posted by The Dukenator View Post
Should be in somewhere.
I submitted a few years ago, but never won.
All the old website stuff is still there. It's just replaced with as opposed to So..

Originally Posted by The Dukenator View Post
Didn't Tom Hall keep a code list for Commander Keen in his office?
Yes. I scanned it some years ago, and the picture that is on Wikipedia for Standard Galactic Alphabet was put there by me from a scan of said paper.

I remember George being over by a cop photo was used for a camera caption contest years ago. I seem to recall more pictures of it existing as well.

If you look at the larger versions of all the pictures in order, there's captions that tell a story.
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