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Re: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
I was all up on the suit, until Kevin Smith stated that the suit is blue and grey.
Just a matter of personal opinion, but I've never been big on the blue Batman suits.

Black and grey... that would look awesome. But, blue and grey... not feeling it myself.

And, I know they've said they are taking inspiration for this from Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns.
But, the reason that worked is because Batman had known Superman for years upon years. He had studied him, watched him... had plans and things laid out.
He knew how and when to attack Superman to be able to overpower him.
This, Superman is brand new and Batman is older and grizzled. Batman doesn't know anything about Superman, and hell, the first film didn't even really dive into Superman's weaknesses.

Sorry, I really liked Man of Steel, but I think Superman needs another film on his own to continue to evolve and expand the character. His abilities, weaknesses, personality and drive.
Everything about this just yells that WB doesn't have faith in a second only Superman film, and DC is desperate to catch up to Marvel film wise.
And, IMO, it's pointless. Marvel may have the live action film direction nailed (which to me is very hit and miss), but DC have the animated film path down to a fine art. Their animated films are great... perfectly handled.

While Marvel's animated films tend to... well... suck.
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