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Re: Specs needed to run DNF
Originally Posted by crunchy superman View Post
Why would you think that anyone here could give you recommended system specs on a game that hasn't been announced (or existence even confirmed) by a developer that also hasn't even been officially named?

I'm sure we'll get such information and then you'll have plenty of time before release.
the question is more like what do you THINK the specs will be, a general question about what kind of bad ass system you'll need to run a game like that, not specifically DNF, I guess the title is a little misleading

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Originally Posted by Golden Diva View Post
What's the native resolution of your display ?
I guess your CPU is a Core 2 duo E6600, right ?
If you are considering a full upgrade of your rig for DNF only, my best advice would be to wait for a release date... If the game is really worked on and sceduled to be released in 2011, you can wait for Intel's Sandy Bridge and the next Radeon generation coming soon.
But i guess a S1156 based rig, with a Core I5 760 and a GTX 460 would allow you to play DNF on the highest settings, with AA8X and AF16X. (it's only a guess, based on the engine they use and what I've seen from the leaked footage)
That is if the game is actually playable one day of course.
yeah, this is more of what I was looking for, and I think I will wait
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