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Re: The Introduction Thread
Hey! My name is Evan, and I've played Apogee games since I can remember. Major Stryker, Secret Agent, the shareware Keens, and the first two Duke Nukems were my favorites. I even sported a Major Stryker avatar for a number of years.

I first discovered Duke 3D at age 8. My curiosity with the game led me to the JFDuke3D source port, and later EDuke32. I joined these forums in 2005, and as time passed I became more involved with the EDuke32 modding scene. For some time I primarily focused on managing the High Resolution Packs for two of Duke 3D's expansions.

In 2009, I contacted the original authors of the long-lost Shadow Warrior expansion, Deadly Kiss. The founder of SillySoft put me in charge of restoring and finishing the expansion for a freeware release. This is an ongoing team effort.

By 2011, I had graduated from Duke 3D's CON scripting to full-fledged C/C++ programming after taking a class in it sophomore year of high school. After submitting a few patches to EDuke32, EDuke32 creator and longtime 3DR moderator TerminX invited me to join the EDuke32 development team. I joined the moderation staff not long after.

This past spring, TerminX and I began helping with the 3DR relaunch by sorting through development materials and preparing beta versions of games from the archives, which involves defeating several archaic methods of DOS-era copy protection intended to prevent these materials from falling into the wrong hands.

I am currently studying Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I also recently co-founded Voidpoint, LLC with TerminX at the helm and we are excited to debut official ports of Duke Nukem 3D to Android and iOS in the new year.
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