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Earth No More
Apparently there is a preview in the new Game Informer for this game. Developed by an external studio under the supervision of 3d realms.

Earth No More
Playstation3/Xbox 360/PC
Style:1 Player Action(Online Multiplayer)
Developer:Recoil Gamers(run by the co-founder of remedy)/3d Realms

ENM opens in a small New England town recently quarantined due to a mysterious out break.Poison red Vines spread quickly,simultaneously strangling and terraforming the environment,not to mention mutating nearby plants and animal life.The Spore causing all this is not from space;they are actually trying to stay away from sci-fi cliches.The Spore is caused by man's ongoing and abusive tampering with nature her self.The Lead character happens to be at the ground zero along with four other characters that he will team up with along the way.The Primary thrust of gameplay surrounds the nucleus of the human interaction,which is the ensemble cast.Each character is fully realized,with their own back stories,personalities,motivations,and secrets.You will get to see real character growth.ENM will have no cutscenes,the game uses a conversation mechanic that will rival Mass Effect.Players will work alongside allies in a manner more along the lines of HL2 instead of Rainbow6,with everything to puzzle solving to attacks.In addition to the ability to play through the entire campaign via online co-op,ENM will allow players to jump into others games posing as an enemy(im guessing like The Crossing).Recoil and 3d Realms know they are talking about the game a little early,but it's all part of the plan.Also ENM runs on the UE3.

From the art and some of the other things they show it looks like a Fps with a lot of character interactions.They say its like Aliens,War of the Worlds,Terminator,28 Days later,and The Thing all put together.
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