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Re: Decay - An eDuke32 Total Conversion
Hudson said:
The enemies in Decay will be hires .PNG, and hopefully with many, many death animations.
If you do something that ridiculous, I'm not going to be able to help you. Sorry, I cannot/will not work on a mod that will both waste tons of disk space AND not be playable by anyone. Nothing personal of course, but you haven't thought this through in the least:

One 512x512 texture: ~100 kb

Approximately 80 512x512 textures: ~8000 kb per palette per enemy in memory.

Let's assume you have three different enemies, and three different floor palettes (in reality you'll have a lot more of both of these): 8000*3*3 = 72 megs just for three enemies in normal, red tint and blue tint. Oh, you wanted nightvision as well, you say? Now it's 96 megs. Another floor palette? 120 megs. Of course, actual dimensions would likely be something more like 512x1024, so that would really be closer to 180 megs. I don't even want to think about how much video RAM these would take up.

Just find some free human models somewhere. There is absolutely no way that I see that using high res PNGs for enemies will ever work.
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