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Re: Decay - An eDuke32 Total Conversion
Roma Loom said:
I've found a zombie (female) for ya Hudson.
Ask Mean Person for his slut model and "fix" the skin. I may ask him to make a zombie_usual_behaviour animation in this model. There are some sample animating scripts in 3DMax which allow You to make almost any animation sequence in a matter of minutes. You can also make several zombies from one model by dragging verteces, ripping body parts off the model and making several skins from the one by "tweaking" it. If You are interested I'm gonna talk about it to Mean Person via ICQ... In fact I'm already talking with him... but not about zombies - about me unable to finish HUD RPG and Freezer due to terrific lack of time.
That would rock man

Talk to him about it if you can, I don't quite know how to put the models into the game though (which is why I asked about it in an above post)

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