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Please continue all of your threads and everything from here over on Registration is fast and easy (you don't have to wait for an admin to approve your account) and I'll be posting stuff over there until we have an official statement from 3DR and know wtf is going on.

As it is, nobody knows whether or not these forums will remain up, who will run them if they do, whether or not Joe will run them on his own later, et cetera. At this point in time it makes the most sense to have everybody come over there now before the forums here just up and vanish.

I have been advised that everyone using these forums as a sort of center for Duke modding should be finding a new home. The official support channel for EDuke32 will be moving to because there are already a bunch of people from these forums there, I know Yatta pretty well, it was no problem for me to get admin access, etc. It looks like a good place to go.

Oh, also, I read some concerns about whether or not there would be an area for Shadow Warrior project discussions -- I can create a forum for that, too, no problem.

Hope to see you guys over on!
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