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Re: Take Two Sues 3D Realms :O
Originally Posted by v.o View Post
SO : i will make a Duke Nukem Forever Total Convertion using the Cryengine. I will Use All the Leaked Data (map, Plot, Storyboard,) all screenshots,video, and some Closeups for making Textures and 3Dmodells. And i will Release it withinvfew Months.
No, you won't release it "withinvfew Months" as you wrote, and do you know why? Because mapping, modelling, making textures and scripting TAKES A WHOLE LOT OF FUX0RING TIME. This is not something one person can do in few months.

Not knowing this (together with your spelling) make me quite sure that your "3D skills" exist only in your head, and you're just an angry n00b.
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