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Re: The "One-Liners/Pop-Culture References in DNF" Thread
Originally Posted by Videogamer555 View Post
If you beat a badguy in a ninja suit, have Duke say "Fatality!" (a reference to the fighting game Mortal Kombat).

If you pick up a laser gun, have Duke say "It's laser time boys!" (a reference to an 1990's sci-fi cartoon called The Bots Master)

If you pick up a "full recharge" item (a rare item that refills all ammo in all guns if you have them, gives full health, and full body armor) have Duke say "My level is OVER 9000!" (a reference to a scene in the anime Dragon Ball Z).

Whatever they do, PLEASE NO MORE X-RATED JOKES! That one in Duke3d where he said "I don't got time to play with myself." when he walked up to an arcade machine loaded with a Duke Nukem game, was a bit too much. I mean seriously was TOO "adult" for even an M rated game if you ask me (seems like an AO rating would be better for that one).
Are you kidding? "I don't have time to play with myself" was funny as hell. It was adult, sure, but that's just who duke is. I mean come on, Beavis and Butt-head made masturbation jokes ALL the time. And they were on national television

Oh, but I like your MK Fatality one.
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