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Help Preserve Duke Nukem Forever
Though Duke Nukem Forever was a massive disappointment for most, the game is unquestionably a piece of gaming history that should be preserved. As all of you likely know, the XBOX One will be gaining backwards compatibility towards the end of 2015. However, not every XBOX 360 game will be playable. Microsoft is currently in the process of building an XBOX 360 emulator for the XBOX One and, sadly, each game needs a separate emulator inside the XBOX 360 emulator. To choose which games will make the cut, Microsoft has a section on their website where you can vote for what games you want to be supported. Duke Nukem Forever is, unfortunately for some, losing horribly. So, what can Duke Nukem Forever fans do? Linked below will be the page where you can vote for the game. Please go there and vote for it. We can't allow such a huge piece of gaming history to be left behind when XBOX Live for the XBOX 360 is shut down. Thank you for your help.

Duke Nukem Forever's Vote Page:
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