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Think. If they were pushing a *NEW* initiative for Xbox One Backwards Compatibility *AND* also still selling Xbox 360s BRAND NEW today..

They wouldn't be considering shutting down Xbox LIVE for the 360. I don't see how anyone can see where this is a realistic option!

Also the word "confirmed" means that the person who is in control of the thing would have stated this is happening. If you can prove a Microsoft link or something from Major Nelson that says this, only then is it "confirmed". Anything else is merely rumor. Or more likely, someone making it up.
As explained below, for a while now, I've been hearing of it's being shut down in a year from countless sources. Based on the fact that Microsoft never said they weren't shutting it down, I figured it was more than just a rumor. Why let rumors like that spread to become semi-common belief if they're only rumors?
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