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Re: how would you like DNF being revealed?
Originally Posted by Damien_Azreal View Post
Oh I'm excited. I'm a huge Duke fan, it was my main reason for joining this forum. And for a LONG time after 3DR closed I had "I believe in Duke" in my sig.

And while I hope that one day we do get to play DNF, and I constantly hope for new, amazing news to surface.... it doesn't do any good to get overly excited over every little bit of news or info relating to Duke.
I get excited and interested, but really... after this long of waiting for Duke... I've learned not to get really, REALLY, excited about stuff. Stay calm, grounded... and wait and see.

For me... with DNF... it's always been When It's Done... and wait and see.
Fair enough.... and this might not be huge groundshaking news with a lot of information.
But everything considered, it was a very nice surprise for all, from rabid fanboy to the most critical skeptic
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