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Re: AMD Radeon HD 6870 and HD 6850 now available.
Originally Posted by Kit View Post
I hate when they do this. Just wait for kinks to be worked out in the 32nm process and keep to the tried and tested naming scheme - Nvidia did the exact same thing with the 9*** series and it completely backfired on them.
Except the 9800 was not at a price between the 8600 and 8800

I recently got a GTX 460 for $130 on promotion. Now I don't feel left behind near as bad as I though I would

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Originally Posted by ixfd64 View Post
Maybe this will allow nVidia to make a comeback. nVidia's GeForce 400 series did pretty poorly, IMO.
The online street price on med power cards is nice and low, but I wonder how many people pay double at retail chins and big builders like Dell. They sold the crrap out of 240s and 250s which were not very impressive at all for what they sold them for.
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