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Irritated Re: LCD/LED 3D-TV help wanted
So today I picked up the new TV-set since the previous one had some problems... (See my earlier post). I unpacked the TV I assembled the stand and put the TV on it. Then I said to my brother who you may know as Tekedon btw. "sure hope this one will not have the same problem".

It did NOT have the same problem.

When I turned the TV on I just got a flickering image with some strange lines here and there and I was like ...

After a while after pressing every button on the remote that I could find I got an image saying something like "could not find any channels or signal too weak". Turned off/on the thing again and now the picture was crisp and clear!

This has happend a couple of times. I sure hope it has something to do with the TV being too cold, it's cold in Finland this time of year and this is a brand new TV. Maybe the temperature changes could be the issue?

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