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Re: time to upgrade mouse and keyboard
Definitely dont go wireless if you are an FPS gamer.
I would go with a mechanical keyboard (if you dont mind the 'clicks' it puts out), if you dont need all the crap that comes with 'gaming' keyboards.
Look around this site for low priced mechanical keyboards (do NOT go with SteelSeries, they suck badly. I know, I have one).

As for mouse....
I use the Dynex mice at work. They suck for gaming.

If you like the regular type mouse, I really like the Razer Diamondback. It is a bit longer than regular mice, and has nice pads on the sides so your fingers dont rub on hard plastic. Only thing I dont like is, you cant bind any of the buttons to back/forward for web browsers (but thats not REAL important).

If you like the taller, sloped to the left type mice, go for a logitech.
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