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Re: time to upgrade mouse and keyboard
I use a Logitech G110 keyboard. I don't really care for the extra macro-programmable keys on the left side, but other than that it has LED lit keys and no LCD screen which is how i wanted my keyboard.

I used to have the Saitek keyboards. They had this one model with metal keys for WASD and that thing was great but couldn't type it's way out of a paper bag. You can probably dig up my old thread or posts about it somewhere here. Had to return it to the store about 3 or 4 times before i got one that worked. Eventually it just died and was not detected anymore, so i just got the G110. It was the closest keyboard to it. I didn't want a large keyboard with an LCD screen , just LED keys and a headphone jack plugin.

I use an LX8 Logitech wireless mouse. they just relabeled the mouse models and i believe the replacement for it is the M510. Looks identical to the LX 8 but has a tiny USB receiver instead of the long one. I think they call it a unifying receiver. Allows it to work with other compatible wireless devices i believe.
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