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my company-issued laptop overheated!
My company-issued Lenovo ThinkPad W510 just overheated today. The laptop, like many others, is configured to sleep when the lid is closed. For some reason, however, it didn't sleep when I packed up. When I arrived home, the laptop was so hot that I thought my backpack was going to catch on fire! In addition, part of the LCD screen was off-color, a common symptom of overheating.

The laptop also has a history of other problems, although they are relatively minor:

1) The laptop sometimes slows down by a factor of ten. Restarting the computer seems to solve this problem, though.
2) If I turn on the laptop while it's plugged in, it will run slower, as if it's using battery power. Pulling out the power cord and plugging it back in solves the problem.
3) The other day, the screen suddenly went back, and I then got an error message that said something about a problem with an Nvidia driver.

I've ran a few Prime95 stress tests, and there were no errors each time.

In any case, I'm planning to contact IT support when I get back to work on Tuesday. Also, I probably won't be leaving my laptop unattended (when it's powered on) any more. Has anyone else ever had problems with the Lenovo ThinkPad W510?
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