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Re: warning sign of USB drive failure?
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I have a 8 GB USB flash drive that I haven't that much. A while ago, the drive showed as empty when I plugged it in to a computer. I had about 100 MB of data on the drive. However, the problem went away when I removed it and put it back in. All of the files on the drive were intact.

Is this just a normal glitch, or is it a sign of something more sinister? I'm aware that flash drives have relatively short lifespans compared to hard drives, so I want to know if it's time to switch to a new flash drive.
Could be an isolated incident with you not plugging it in properly. I had that happen with my 8gb memory card on my card reader with the PC asking to format it and thought it was corrupted until I tried it on my laptop. Trying it back on my PC worked again.
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