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Bad HDD? Bad mobo?
One of our computers at work (an Acer Veriton X desktop) has had a history of problems. A few months ago, it complained that the chassis was open when it wasn't, but clearing the BIOS solved the problem. The computer also BSOD'd a few times, although it hasn't happened in a very long time.

However, the problems have recently become serious. About two weeks ago, the computer complained of a "disk read error" and was unable to boot up. Pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del a few times solved the problem. Unfortunately, the same thing happened today; when I restarted the machine, it was unable load Windows. It did run a diagnostic test but could not automatically make repairs. Restarting a second time solved the problem.

Incidentally, the sound from the computer does seem slightly louder than that of the other machines, although it doesn't sound anything like the "click of death" associated with head crashes.

Could the problem still be HDD-related? Or could it be something else, like a bad motherboard? In any case, I've notified the users of the computer that they should make a backup as soon as possible.
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