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Re: Bad HD? Bad mobo?
Sounds to me like the motherboard. We've got a HP desktop at work that's exhibiting very similar behaviour.

If I load Windows XP onto it, it will work fine for a while then if I reboot will suddenly make it start going haywire. BSODs, Disk read errors, fails to load Windows, fails to acknowledge that some of the RAM is there.

If I replace the mobo, then the rest of the components work as expected. Replacing the HDD with the original mobo makes no difference as it still exhibits the same problems.

Anyway, i'm digressing a bit here. Some of the problems may call for being a HDD problem, but the computer previously complaining of an open chassis makes me suspect that the mobo has been slowly dying over time.

Is it possible to clone a copy of the existing hard disk to another known working hard disk and try that first?
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