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Re: Any recommendations for a computer hardware vendor?
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-------- is also owned by tigerdirect but the deals may be slightly different, so check there too. You'll see the website is nearly identical.


If you live near a Microcenter, they have some really great online deals -
purchase online for the best deal, then go for pick-up
they even give free and discount mainboards with the purchase of several different AMD processors. The MBoards are like ASUS and Gigabyte so it's a great deal. I have one a few miles from my house - it's a massive superstore.

AMD free mainboard promo:
Yes, I live about 15 miles from the Mayfield Hts., OH Micro Center myself, so I'd definitely recommend that one. Haven't been to their store in a couple of years, tho. Wish they'd have a west side location, especially with $3.50 - $4.00/gal. gasoline, I don't think I want to travel that far out if I don't have to. If they ever offer free shipping on components, I would do mail service on them (with the sales tax built in, I'd much rather that take over for shipping costs, as opposed to be added to the sales tax...too much extra cost that way).
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