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Please Update me on CPU, Video, etc?
I haven't kept up on cpu's, m.o.'s, video cards, ram in a while & am hoping some of you may update me some.

What's are the cpu's since intel duo core. If you could update me on the steps up to present would help, basically what different upgrade processors have come out since from Intel & AMD, etc. Also I don't know what those 'atom,' & such processors are for & about.

I would like to know the evolution of RAM since I guess ddr2 pc3200, etc.

Also, especially on video cards. Since Nvidia 7900 series.

And Motherboards, what major advancements?
And last what's the BEST economy level for a good system, can play latest games, etc. ...what are the base level items for cpu, m.o., ram, video card?

I hope some will be interested in sharing their knowledge on this, thanks!
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