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Re: Please Update me on CPU, Video, etc?
Here is a basic overview of Nvidia's GPU generations, but basically the 7900s were the last DX9 gpu's. The 8000, 9000, 100, 200 and 300 series were DX10 GPU's and the 400 and 500 series are DX 11 GPUs:

Here is a similar overview for ATI: (The Wii U is said to use a customized R700 part)

The laptop I am writing this on has a Geforce GT 555m, which is pretty decent for gaming (As far as laptops go anyway). As far as what to get well, do you have any preference if you want to go with AMD/ATI or Nvidia? If you like me won't touch any ATI card then you have a smaller list ot choose from. The same if you won't touch an Nvidia product. If you want have a DX11 part then you can exclude anything earlier than the Nvidia GT 400 series or the AMD/ATI HD 2000 series. Are there any particular games you are wanting to play? You could look up the recommended specs for them and look at benchmarks done using them.
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