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Re: Please Update me on CPU, Video, etc?
As for motherboards, I remember the North Bridge has been replaced by something called Quick Path Interconnect (Intel). AMD has something called HyperTransport, which might be similar since it's measured in GB/s like Intel's variation.

All video cards are based off of PCI-e. AGP has been dead for some time now. Even sound cards and network cards run off of PCI-e (add-on cards, not on the motherboard). I think we're up to PCI-e 2.0, although Intel's socket 2011 will have PCI-e 3.0 on it.

Recent motherboards also have SATA 3 (6 Gbps, some people call it SATA 6G instead of SATA version 3, even though it's still the third revision of the SATA spec), as well as the socket 1155 boards have USB 3.0 (1 Gbps I believe).

I'm sorry if I don't know much about AMD, because I haven't owned one since 2004.
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