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Re: Please Update me on CPU, Video, etc?
Thanks alot for the help so far.

I'm not up on customer feedback, but some have seen made me think maybe I should choose Nvidia on the video card. Really have no preference on hardware except just the best bang for the buck, in other words the cheapest that does the job just fine w/out any need for overkill or brand name, etc.

I have been wondering about the PCI-Express as 1st came out says 16x, but since been looking again have been concerned on seeing the 2.0 PciEx label not knowing for sure IF had to have that type slot on a motherboard OR if were interchangeable somewhat but maybe w/affecting usb being backward compatible. I was thinking pci-express 2.0 probably wasn't compatible w/ just pci-e 16x?

I'd like to know what a good budget gaming system would be on CPU, VIDEO CARD, & I guess M.O. & RAM type. It doesn't have to do high res, but just be able to play the games w/out lag...& I guess including any of latest & most demanding games.
I do have one other problem area that I'll just go ahead & ask about here:

For 1st time hooked pc up to a flat panel tv w/s-video & worked automatically. This was w/out using it's LCD monitor. This is on the Nvidia 7900GS video card which has 2 DVI & 1 S-Video outputs. The other day took back to monitor & hooked it back up to it, which is w/a DVI-VGA adaptor as VGA is what fits the monitor cable.

Problem is it posts & shows logo screen & all until it loads win xp pro & then just blacks out & says NO RGB SIGNAL. I hear windows operating just fine, but everything tried so far does this same thing. I tried to a CRT Monitor & does same thing. I'm hoping is just software related & not something all of a sudden wrong w/video card.

I took pc back in other room & hooked back up to tv w/s-video & works still. The resolution though is hard to read stuff so haven't tried to research any nview stuff.
Have to use library for internet right now, open 3 days a week. Haven't found a direct discussion of this problem question yet.

It may be something very simple, on just a setting adjustment. Let me know if anyone here knows how to 'fix.' Thanks
Separate from that: what are the most demanding games right now & the minimum specs for fluid play?
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