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Acer computers = bad?
I've personally experienced a bunch of problems with Acer machines:

1. My mother's Acer laptop appears to have a defective battery that lasts a couple of minutes on a full charge. The laptop itself seems to crashes a lot.

2. One of my co-workers had two Acer Veriton X desktops that died on him. The second one worked after he did a factory restore, but it now has a hard drive problem. CrystalDiskInfo shows three reallocated sectors and rates the drive as "bad."

3. Another Acer Veriton X kept sending incorrect results to the GIMPS distributed computing project. Strangely enough, IntelBurnTest and Prime95's own torture test showed no errors.

4. Two other colleagues were having problems with yet another Acer Veriton X desktop, which would only show a blank green screen and refuse to boot.

Do Acer computers really suck that bad? Has anyone else ever had issues with them?
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