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GTX 680s are out!
Looks like Newegg has listings for the GTX 680s, however, as expected, they are going to be hard to come by for at least a month or two. I'd say wait until late April/early May before grabbing one, and let the hype settle down a little before jumping on one yourself, just to play it safe:

EDIT: Not to mention that I'm surprised that they were the same price as a GTX 580 used to sell for... According to the price list, didn't they originally say these were going to be like $650? I mean, it's great that these are $500 or so, guess with that, seems like I might go for this card after all... Heck, it's $50 cheaper than the HD 7970! Guess now it's decision time... Am I going to stay red with AMD, or am I going to switch, and go green with nVidia? Hmm... The GTX 680 vs. HD 7970 debate thickens!
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